Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Riley (SOLD to Matthew Oakley)

The Smallest of all but she makes up for it in energy.
Lots of fun. A lover but loves to play too. Very petite.


Smaller Female but lots of Energy.

Very loving and a cuddler.

Relaxed and laid back.

Bella (SOLD to Nelson Gaipo)

Great Looking Brindle & White Female.

A little more laid back. But still very playful.

A real lover. Jumps in your lap to cuddle.

Noka (SOLD to Denise Lara)

Reverse Brindle Female.

Large Boned and Full of Energy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Gallant Farms Hope
Hope has great personality and is wonderful with kids.
She weighs 65lbs and stands 22in at the shoulders.


F&F Bulldogges Bruiser Jr.
BJ has tons of personality and loves people.
He has no idea that he is a dog. A lover.
Great with kids. Athletic.
BJ weighs 60lbs and stands 19in at the shoulders

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello and welcome to Gallants Pride Bulldogges.
Home of F&F Bulldogges Bruiser Jr. and Gallant Farms Hope.
All dogges produced are IOEBA registered.
Whose pedigree's include some of the finest Olde English Bulldogges ever. Including Gallants Dusty Rhodes, Jack Dempsey, Rusty, Otis, Boris, (Molly)Belle, Crystal Pristol, Bruiser Brody, Bruisers Jezzabelle, Beula Beula in their pedigree.